Good News!: How to escape the road to hell

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 Gospel Ingredients

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, God has separated himself from sinful man, leaving him on a broad way of eternal destruction. But wait!...there is some exceedingly good news that offers an escape to heaven. This good news has three  main ingredients ---words straight from God:

1) Man is guilty of

2) Under God's Judgment

3) But God has provided an escape to heaven through His Son, Jesus




The above three  ingredients are so simple a young child can understand them.

But understanding is not enough ...this gospel must be received by faith. What is faith? Faith is not offering up to God a formulaically correct sinner's prayer. Faith happens when the heart drops what it's holding, turns and reaches out for a truth it hears but cannot see, crying: "Jesus Save Me".

The imminent doom of a drowning man seeking escape is a good way to understand saving faith.

Consider all that goes on the heart of one who truly cries out "Jesus Save Me". I understand and believe that:

My sins have put me in a terrible place.

I am helpless to save myself.

 There is a terrible fate awaiting me unless someone will save me!

It's me that needs saving and Now!

Only Jesus can save me.

 And he can save me because he is the Son of God who died for my sins, arose from the dead and now is in heaven with God the Father.

As a desperate drowning man, I  turn from the ways of my wicked heart and reach out to receive Jesus.

"I give up...I need help...Jesus please forgive my sins...come in to my heart and control my life"

Of course, like a drowning man, my mind isn't thinking of all these things at the same time , but God sees the position of my begging heart crying out, "Jesus Save Me", in response to the three gospel ingredients. And one more thing:

When I am saved from drowning, I know I'm saved and, oh boy, am I happy and thankful.

Receiving Jesus as savior happens in a moment and is so simple a young child can do it. And that's no surprise  because such is the Kingdom of Heaven. 

 top three cartoon panels above from Jack Chick Publications
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