Songs and Hymns about 1Corinthians 13

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1st Corinthians 13
ay of Love Course through Thy Body


Way of Love course through Thy Body
Where the truth unstirred resides,
'Till Thy Spirit draws in service
Tender mercies wholly Thine

Gifts received from Thee are severed
From Thy graced utility

When our flesh engendered service
Yields its own futility

May we be abiding vessels,
Leaning not upon our own;
But as Peter walked on water,
Help our faith hold Thee alone

Truth and love abide forever;
We by faith move toward their source,
Reaching out but not attaining
'Till our race has run its course

Face to face we stand before Thee
When the end of faith and hope
Will reveal to each their profit,
Of Thy love through them made known

Words: 2016 by Stephen Popovich
Music: Rathbun 1849 by Ithamar Conkey

1st Corinthians 13

2016 by Steve Popovich